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# PS-01 SERBU (Pistol)#

>PS-01 pistol made in PT. PINDAD (Indonesia) bear this name SERBU (The Attacker), one of the reasons is because the pistol to recommend for the elite unit. Pistol ever get this award as a 2nd champion in the event KCT (Karya Cipta Technology), an annual creativity race technology product development related to the military in 2007, and has passed the test requirements according to the tactical military standard set.

Testing includes, products strength to the influence of weather and natural wilderness, submerged water, mud or dust and easy in operation and maintenance in the field.

With all the benefits, may be spelled PS-01 SERBU is not a normal pistol PDW (Personal Defense Weapon). This pistol is suitable for a special unit in each military unit with the operations of the special. In addition, PS-01 SERBU also suitable by equipment crew such as combat crew ranpur tank (Tank Division), or panzer, combat helicopter pilot, fighter pilot or all other combat crew equipment that has limited space when carrying long guns.

In accordance with the habitat, a pistol is a weapon for protection (self-protection) users for a short distance, the maximum effective distance is up to 25-30 meter only. But in a battle with the forest 100-200 meter radius, for example, only a rifle complement on that.

When a rifle bullet has been spent at all, then only two options. Get off from vague field of battle or creep near the opponent with the very high risk. May be spelled out, hold the weapon is not the maximum use in a battle as above. But the second option will be different when you have a pistol shoot distance. Based on the facts appear to develop ideas that have the capacity pistol combat field distance shoot far apart as the assistant rifle.

The idea emerged from Kasubdismatut Dislitbang AD (Indonesian Army), Colonel (Kav) Rihananto. Does not take long, soon realized the idea in a short period of time. This officer of Akmil (Military Academy) graduate on 1983 of the design-build process to become a prototype only in a month, starting early August 2007 to early September 2007. The development of this project be regarded pistol smoothly because it was tied to good cooperation between the parties with AD Dislitbang PT. PINDAD.

The Cross Between SS-1 Rifle and P-3 Pistol

The idea of making basic prototype pistol This is a very creative, because using the latest technology and products that already exist in PINDAD. Use technology as a basic pistol of the type P-3 caliber 9 mm barrel fix already be quite familiar in TNI (Indonesian National Of Arm Force) personnel. This pistol is enough and have the reliability that is easy care. The main step is to modify the construction of the addition of a series of Cash (cover) because of the design increases the barrel length twice. Originally a 102 mm to 230 mm, with the cover design of this additional pistol into the overall design looks futuristic.

The next step magazine create a new system with the same property with the P-3 pistol. The goal is to match the new form of bullet caliber 5.56 mm which can accommodate 20 grain bullet. Pistol barrel for fundamental change, the basic construction of gun barrel SS-1 rifle, 6 groove / dock with the play right, barrel length 7 inches. Similarly, the projectile used with the SS-1 type 4 TJ 5.56 mm.

Made at all is just a new cover shot. The process manufacturing bearing this new model are all in the missile and ammunition factories owned by PT. PINDAD in the Turen, Malang. The first prototype to be cut again by the excess weight. The length of the barrel trimmed into 230 mm to 190 mm. However, distance does not reduce the shoot according to the initial target.

This gun still has effective distance shoot 100 meter to 150 meter. Although it has been reduced, weight of the pistol is still more weight in the average appeal of pistol. However, these benefits become even, because with the weight of the technical considerations of stability is the key attitude shoot users. The “Kickback” is felt more light on the appeal pro-gun kind of caliber 9 mm. "Backlash" that does not make a huge pistol accuracy is better.

Projectile’s Of Rifle

The form of a new missile pistol ammunition is more spiky, with the same form of rifle ammunition. This missile has a ballistic trajectory with a better initial velocity (v0) high that is 508 m / sec, while the 9 mm caliber only 380 m / sec on the field in the same 0.36 grams weight, so that accuracy and power penetrating projectile will be better . Slightly more weight on appeal ammunition 9 mm. Singularity of 5.56 mm caliber bullet that you can use ammunition fuel, ammunition penetrating steel and ammunition tracer.

Completeness that is owned RIS (Rail Interface System) at the front of the trigger functions as the placement of accessories such as Laser Aim Point, placement of a flashlight, or for extra grip clasp. Tool manual viewfinder, visor and aiming with the distance between them as far as 270 mm. According to this distance so that it can guarantee to the accurate on the shooting. This pistol can also be equipped with regular telescope or night vision telescope. And additional equipment also is sound reducer (silencer) for special operations.

PS-01 SERBU (pistol), Specifications

• Caliber : 5.56 mm
• Empty Weight : 1.234 kg (1234 grams)
• Total length : 315 mm
• The pitch : 193.5 mm
• Flow pitch : 6 turn right, approximate 7 inches
• Operating system : Blow Back
• Firing modes : Single & Double Act

• Magazine Capacity : 20 grains
• Bullet Weight : 8 grams
• Post magazine : 2.65 grams
• Effective Distance : 100 meter

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Virus Ganas Baru Masuk Melalui Facebook..!!!

Sebuah virus baru telah ditemukan, dan digolongkan oleh Microsoft sebagai virus yang paling merusak!! Virus itu baru ditemukan pada hari Minggu siang, 03 Agustus 2009, yang lalu oleh McAfee, dan belum ditemukan vaksin untuk mengalahkannya. Virus ini merusak Zero dari Sektor hard disc, yang menyimpan fungsi informasi-informasi terpenting.

Virus ini berjalan sebagai berikut :

Secara otomatis virus ini akan terkirim ke semua nama dalam daftar alamat anda dengan judul "Sebuah Kartu Untuk Anda" (Une Carte Pour Vous atau A Card For You) begitu kartu virtual itu terbuka, virus itu akan membekukan komputer sehingga penggunanya harus memulainya kembali, dan kalau kemudian anda menekan CTRL+ALT+DEL atau perintah untuk restart, virus itu akan merusak Zero dari Sektor Boot hard disk, sehingga hard disk akan rusak secara permanen. Menurut CNN, virus itu dalam beberapa jam sudah menimbulkan kepanikan di New York. Peringatan ini telah diterima oleh pegawai Microsoft sendiri. Jangan membuka e-mail dengan judul “Sebuah kartu virtual untuk Anda" (Une Carte Virtuelle Pour Vous atau A Virtual Card For You).

Kirimkan pesan ini kepada semua teman anda. Saya rasa bahwa sebagian besar orang, lebih suka mendapat peringatan ini 25 kali daripada tidak sama sekali. AWAS!!! Jangan terima kontak pti_bout_de_ chou@hotmail.com. Ini virus yang akan mem-format komputer anda. Kirimkan pesan ini ke semua orang yang ada di dalam daftar alamat anda. Kalau anda tidak melakukannya dan salah seorang teman anda memasukkannya dalam daftar alamatnya, komputer anda juga akan terkena.

Sumber: McAfee

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